Water Damage & Restoration

Floods can happen anytime and they can cause varying damages to your property. Walls, furniture, floors, are among many others that can be affected.

When this happens, immediate action is crucial. We know that every second counts. This is why you can call Darwin Carpet Cleaners at any time.

It’s important that all affected items are removed and dried quickly to prevent further damage and mold build-up that can cause health problems such as asthma and pneumonia.

We, at Darwin Carpet Cleaners, understand the risks of water damage and we are trained and skilled in water damage restorations!

Interior of kitchen with drywall torn out because of water damage and the resulting mold.

Our highly-trained technicians will:

  • Promptly extract water - it’s important to remove all the standing water inside your home. This is important to avoid any possible long-term damages.
  • Restore damaged carpets - we clean ‘em and we dry ‘em.
  • Clean and restore wood flooring - by removing all the standing water, we’d minimize the possibility of floor warping. We also deep-clean your floors so they look their best.
  • Remove molds - molds are a health hazard! They can get in the air and irritate your lungs.
  • Do extensive drying - we are equipped with all the latest heavy-duty drying tools that will dry out even the littlest moisture.

Still not convinced? Take it from our clients:

See what our clients have to say

Cheryl and George

I only have one main large carpet in the living room, but on year 5 in my apt I realized it was time to give it a legitimate cleaning. It looked amazing after Darwin Carpet Cleaners were done. Like new! These guys were fast, professional and really kept my best interests in mind. I highly recommend them!

Cheryl and George 04/01/2019


What a great experience I had with him, he was so knowledgeable about carpets and the care for them. He took the time to come give me a free quote, his price was great, he was there on time and finished the job quickly. I would highly recommend them.

Jeff 05/13/2019

We’ll be able to remove more water stains and more moisture from carpeted surfaces than any other service providers. For the best water damage restoration without paying high dedicated service fees, give us a call.