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We aim to provide other cleaning services you might need for your home and your office. From wall-to-wall carpet to separate carpeted flooring areas, we have everything you need to make your home look fresh and clean again.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

First impressions matter. Carpet adds comfort to the working situation of your tenants or employees and it is now the number one floor covering in most commercial buildings.

Darwin Carpet Cleaners’ systematic cleaning method will help preserve the appearance and quality of your carpet to make it feel new!

We make sure to use the best techniques and technology to make sure that your carpet adds to the safe, healthy, and fresh surroundings of your commercial space.


Power Washing

You might be thinking of power washing your own property by yourself but the truth is, it’s not that easy if you’re not trained to do it. Not to mention costly, frustrating, and time-consuming. Most pressure washers cost $100 per day just to rent. And imagine all the work! You’d have to go to the rental location, get the power washer, travel back, set up the machine, get it to work, DO the work, clean the machine, and return it back on or before the deadline!

If you don’t want to go through all this trouble and get it professionally done by trained workers, contact Darwin Carpet Cleaners now!

And here are some benefits of power washing(when done right!

  • It improves the appearance of your property’s exterior
  • Reduced risk of mildew and mold growth
  • Reduced exposure to germs

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

We all love our pets, but what we don’t love is their pet odor and stains.

When your pet has numerous accidents on carpets, it becomes difficult to keep your home smelling clean. Not to mention it might leave bacteria between the fibers of your carpet that can affect your and your family’s health.

And sometimes the store bought solutions just don’t cut it and you realize it’s time to call a professional for your pet stain and odor removal. At Darwin Carpet Cleaners, we know how to get your toughest pet stains and odor out.

Let us help you with all your pet stain and odor removal needs to keep your home looking and smelling fresh!

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are an expensive and precious investment. We have to maintain them but not just to keep their appearance.

We also have to clean them thoroughly to be sure that there are no germs and bacterias hiding between those fibers as we walk on them barefoot and sometimes, we even lie on them.

At Darwin Carpet Cleaners, we offer quality and affordable residential and commercial carpet cleaning services.

Our team of experts use high-powered, truck-mounted equipment to steam clean and sanitize your carpet to look like new again.

We can remove even the toughest stains from your family or business’s carpet with our specialized hot water extraction cleaning system (also known as steam cleaning).

To keep the beautiful look and cleanliness of your carpets, we recommend that you have it professionally cleaned every 6 months.

Try Darwin Carpet Cleaners for affordable and professional carpet cleaning services!

Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture is one of the most used things inside your home or office. But they’re also the one that’s usually being overlooked when it comes to cleaning.

But don’t worry, Darwin Carpet Cleaners know how to get the toughest stains from your plush sectional or a vintage ottoman.

We’ll bring truck-mounted cleaning equipment that uses high-powered, hot water and steam extraction system to remain tough on stains but, gentle on all fabrics.

We always make sure that our customers are satisfied when they take avail of any of our services.

So give your furniture a revamp without spending a fortune!

Call Darwin Carpet Cleaners now!

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs can help make a room twice as stunning.

But however beautiful and elegant they are, they can be a pain to maintain!

As with carpets, vacuuming, shampooing, and deep cleaning aren’t enough. Also, you have to be careful with the materials and tools you use.

One mistake can ruin your beautiful and one-of-a-kind area rug!

We, at Darwin Carpet Cleaners, safely and effectively clean all types of area rugs, including wool, flat weave, pile, or hand-woven oriental and Persian rugs.

We use a specialized steam cleaning technology that safely cleans without using harsh chemicals that can stain or discolor your area rugs.

Our quality area rug and carpet cleaning services will extend the life of your area rugs for many years to come.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tired of seeing old and dirty looking grouts?

Want to get that fresh looking tile and grout with spending much?

The answer is to simply have it cleaned thoroughly! But that can be a lot of work.
Regular cleaning, such as mopping and sweeping, does not deliver the deep clean that your tile floors truly need. Basic floor cleaning does not clean within the pores of your tile and grout. Let us do the hard work by providing you with local, professional tile and grout cleaning services as well as peace of mind.

We have been providing professional tile floor cleaning services to our clients in the Darwin and Palmerston area for years with hundreds of satisfied customers. Our tile and grout cleaning company will never let you down because our floor cleaning is the best in town!

Water Damage & Restoration

Floods can happen anytime and they can cause varying damages to your property. Walls, furniture, floors, are among many others that can be affected.

When this happens, immediate action is crucial.

It’s important that all affected items are removed and dried quickly to prevent further damage and mold build-up that can cause health problems such as asthma and pneumonia.

We, at Darwin Carpet Cleaners, understand the risks of water damage and we are trained and skilled in water damage restorations!

We’ll be able to remove more water stains and more moisture from carpeted surfaces than any other service providers. For the best water damage restoration without paying high dedicated service fees, give us a call.

Wood Floor Cleaning & Restoration

Is your floor looking dingy?

Want to give a makeover without spending a bunch of time and money?

No matter what type of flooring you may have, our team will be able to restore it to its original sheen and clean it better than only sweeping and mopping can.

You can depend on Darwin Carpet Cleaners to deliver an end result that looks good, if not better than new with our expert floor cleaning and restoration service in Darwin and Palmerston!

It’s time to REALLY clean your house and office!

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