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Why You Should Hire

Professional Carpet Cleaners

Cleaning your carpet, and we mean REALLY cleaning it, is very important. As tedious as it is, it’s not just for aesthetics but also for your HEALTH.

Did you know that carpets are a great way to trap airborne contaminants?

You can’t ever be sure what kinds of bacteria are hiding deep inside your carpets…

Aside from that, different carpets need different types of cleaning.

If you have the time to learn and do it all and the money to buy all the tools and equipment, go ahead, good for you!

But if you want the peace of mind, and your time and money saved, it’s best if you hire experienced professionals to do it!

And that’s exactly what Darwin Carpet Cleaners is.

Our Affordable & Trusted

Cleaning Services


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Let our highly trained and skilled professionals help you keep the carpeted area and upholsteries in your building clean while maintaining the safety of your tenants and employees.



Power Washing

When it comes to power washing, although it only uses water, the pressure and extent of its power can be highly dangerous to a non-professional. It’s best to hire professionals like Darwin Carpet Cleaners to get the job done and done right!


Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Pet urines don’t stay on your carpet. It penetrates to the fibers and once it dries, it evaporates and become more concentrated and pungent. Once this happens, simple cleaning won’t be enough.


Carpet Cleaning

Using the same powerful cleaners and machines that we use to clean your carpets, we give any area rug the best clean possible each time. And if you have antique area rugs, we give it a special treatment, using only the mildest but effective cleaners to make sure it doesn’t get discolored or stained.


Upholstery Cleaning

Our machines remove even the most stubborn stains and odors, so that when we’re done, you’ll feel like everything’s newly bought. We offer sofa cleaning, couch cleaning, chair cleaning and much more. Give our professional upholstery cleaning a try today!


Area Rug Cleaning

Many clients think that cleaning area rugs are a waste of time, but if it’s inside your home, then it’s important to clean it. Using the same powerful cleaners and machines that we use to clean your carpets, we give any area rug the best clean possible each time.


Tile and Grout Cleaning

Older tile could be mopped repeatedly and still not achieve the level of clean or shine you wish to achieve. However, with a strong, safe and sanitizing steam clean, the heated vapors penetrate the pores of the tile and release stains from the grout between them leaving you with dramatically clean and fresh tiles and grout.


Water Damage & Restoration

We’ll be able to remove more water stains and more moisture from carpeted surfaces than any other service providers. For the best water damage restoration without paying high dedicated service fees, give us a try.


Wood Floor Cleaning & Restoration

No matter what type of flooring you may have, our team will be able to restore its original sheen and clean it better than only sweeping and mopping can. You can depend on Darwin Carpet Cleaners to deliver an end result that looks good, if not better than new with our expert floor cleaning and restoration service in Darwin and Palmerston!

Your Local

Carpet Cleaner

Our customers appreciate our willingness to travel across all towns in Darwin and Palmerston areas to provide quality carpet cleaning services.

and Surrounding Areas

We are very happy to extend our professional carpet cleaning services to Darwin and Surrounding Areas! This is a newly added service area that we can reach to provide affordable and quality service!


and Surrounding Areas

We are now also adding Palmerston to our list of service areas so we can help more people keep their house clean and free from the risk of airborne bacteria!


Why Choose

Darwin Carpet Cleaners?


DARWIN CARPET CLEANERS is a professional, family owned and operated carpet cleaning business dedicated to serving Darwin and Palmerston.

We provide the highest level of service at affordable prices. We have become locally renowned for our quality of service, careful attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Here at Darwin Carpet Cleaners, we offer an extensive variety of cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. We take pride in using only the most modern, reliable and eco-friendly cleaning methods. With our knowledge, experience, and honest prices, you know you’re in good hands. So give us a call and let us help you clean your problems away!

It’s time to REALLY clean your house and office!

No strings, no obligations!

Carpet Cleaning Tips

You won’t know what kinds of dirt and bacteria are living between the fibers of our carpets.

The scary thing is you walk on them barefoot, sometimes you even lay on them. And if you have kids, you let them play on it!

Carpets retain dusts, odors, stains, food crumbs… and that’s just covering what we can see and smell!

So here are some quick tips on how you can clean your carpet properly and without ruining them!

Vacuum often – at least once a week! Not just your carpet but also other high-traffic areas of your home.
Vacuum at a slow pace – to get as much dirt as possible!
Don’t wait for your carpet to get really dirty! It would be hard to remove dirt then.
Try to remove stains right away – act quickly! The longer a stain stays in your carpet, the harder it is to remove.
Don’t overwet your carpet – some machines put a lot of moisture into your carpet and don’t have strong enough suctions to take it out properly. So make two to three passes without the water to be sure!
Hire a professional – this way, you can keep doing what you have to do, you don’t have to buy expensive equipment, and you’re sure that they know what they’re doing!
Carpets are an expensive and important part of our home, so we have to take care of them properly!

Call Darwin Carpet Cleaners now to know more!